Real Estate Investing Opportunities in Europe

"We are already showing properties to investors in Ireland, U.K. Germany and elsewhere. I'm surprised that more Americans and Canadians aren't looking at our real estate. "

Vincent - Real Estate Broker

We recently returned from a European Real Estate Trip and we found some amazing deals.  On our continuing quest to find the most beautiful and undervalued properties in the world we located something special: Real Estate (land, apartments and homes) with panoramic views of the Mediterranean on one side and mountains on the other.  In the United States, very few properties like this exist and they sell for millions of dollars.  However, the properties we located in Europe are selling for $50,000 to $100,000 in the case of land and $125,000 to $250,000 in the case of apartments and villas.

Why is this real estate so desirable:

Unique beauty and low market valuation:  The properties we located in Europe are some of the most beautiful we have ever seen and the prices are 50% to 75% below what they should be. If you look at other similar locations (Nice or Cannes or Costa del Sol) where prices have sky rocketed, you should get excited.

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Growth in real estate and commerce:  Unlike the United States, some areas of Europe are only beginning to participate in an upswing in real estate values.  Starting from low market valuations, these areas will likely appreciate in value for at least the next 10 years, if not longer.  According to our European liaison and realtor, in the areas we have identified, real estate has appreciated 87% in the last four years and he anticipates an average annual appreciation of approximately 25% to 30% per year.

Demographics and Aging Population:  Just as the United States is experiencing an aging population and increased demand for real estate in warm, southerly climates, so is Europe. This trend is resulting in increased demand for Mediterranean properties.

Location:  Imagine experiencing over 330 days of sunlight and moderate to warm temperatures. Imagine snow skiing one day and laying on the beach the next, all within a couple of hours of your vacation home and/or investment property. In the U.S., you would have to pay a fortune for a location like this.

Euros: The conversion of most of Europe's currency into Euros has been a big success.  In addition to huge cost and efficiency savings, Euros have opened up trade barriers between countries causing an economic boom in business. However, the benefits of this conversion are just starting.  Given these factors I think it is very likely that the Euro will appreciate against the dollar over the next 20 years.  By investing in European real estate you can participate in the appreciation of the Euro.

Language: Many European countries teach English as a second or third language. In France, for example, English is a required subject. In the Netherlands, English is spoken by over 90% of the population. Why is this trend occurring? Europeans recognize that trade with the Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, Canada and the U.S. is extremely important. And, unlike the United States, speaking another language for the modern European is not terrifying. They embrace other languages and cultures, while still maintaining their own.

People: Contrary to popular belief, one would think that the people would be less than friendly with Americans. However, we experienced some of the nicest people in the world.

High Speed Trains and infrastructure improvements:  High speed trains, traveling at about 120 miles per hour are making it possible for individuals to live far from the large cities and commute into work.  The high speed trains are equipped with wireless Internet so you can work on the train during your commute.  Each time a new high speed branch is completed, the area grows economically and real estate values rise.  For example, in Aux en Provence, a city near the French Mediterranean, after completion of the High Speed Train branch to Paris, real estate values started rising and doubled in about 5 years.  The Mediterranean properties we have located are just beyond High Speed Train access.  However, by 2009, the area we are targeting will be connected to the High Speed Line.

So, what more can you expect to see in this part of Europe?

With out a doubt, in addition to finding some of the best real estate deals in Europe, You see some of the world's best historic culture, art, architecture, scenic vistas, unspoiled coast lines, wine, cheese and coffee.

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Bon voyage,

Bryan Rundell and Michael Williams

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