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February 22, 2013

Hi, my name is Michael Williams.

Online tax sales just keep on coming:

Mike W - author

  • Arizona Tax Lien Sales are winding down, but don't forget Over the Counter Tax Lien Sales.
  • California tax deed auctions are online in March,
  • Nebraska has online auctions in March,
  • Florida tax lien auctions are coming up in May,
  • Colorado and Indiana tax lien auctions online are in the fall,
  • Pennsylvania and Idaho have online sales.

Why are so many tax sale auctions being held online?

Because local taxing jurisdictions are saving a ton of money by operating their tax sale auctions online. Believe me. Word of mouth happens on a government level, too,

If you would like the real story on investing in tax liens and tax deeds from your home, be sure to subscribe to our NEW Rogue Investor Premium Online Membership Service.

This is not a book.

It is not a teleseminar.

It is a backstage pass (i.e., Premium Service) to high returns with built-in safety that you can do from home.

I know many of you cannot attend an auction or take advantage of one of the few workshops that we offer, so I am making this easy.

I also know your time is valuable.

Therefore, each month during your subscription you will receive a Special Report with aPremium Service LogoLive List that I will screen using a step-by-step process that you can follow. Not only that, you will also learn the following:

  • How to sign up for an online tax lien auction,

  • The rules of the sale, explained in easy to understand terms,

  • How to quickly screen tax sale lists for the highest interest rate,

  • How to screen tax lien lists for the highest probability of foreclosure,

  • How to screen lists and avoid junk,

  • The 3 Most Important Government Agencies to do your research online,

  • How to view the property from your computer,

  • How to determine the value of a property online using more than one method,

  • What to do if you really want extra confirmation of a property,

  • The 3 Biggest Risks that you can look up and avoid, and

  • How to manage your liens and deeds for extra profit.

You will receive your Special Report each month on a password protected website, plus email support.

This is a way for you to invest in tax lien certificates and tax deeds using the power of the Internet and the comfort of your home at a time of your choosing.

You have been asking for this, right?

How can I SAFELY earn 14%, 16%, even 18% from the comfort of my home?

No makeup necessary.

Sweat pants are okay.

No hair gel.

Baseball caps approved.

No pressed shirts allowed.

I will show you how to find the lists, screen the lists, do your research from home, bid on your liens/deeds and manage the liens.

Everything will be posted on a special website so you can view it when you want.

So what would you pay for a Premium Service like this?

Well, it is certainly worth more than $1 and less than $1 million.

Our workshops normally cost $2997 for three days of training. With the Rogue Investor Premium Online Membership Service I am offering special training with monthly reports and one-on-one phone or email support.

Let me say one thing before I answer “how much.” One thing I have learned after the last 10 years is you can be a “doer” or a “dreamer.” If you are a “doer,” you just need a little help navigating the bumps and this service could be just what you need. If you are only a “dreamer,” then I know you are not reading this newsletter. Dreaming is important, but putting your dreams into action is even better.

Put your dreams into action today!

Fewer people are investing in tax liens, yet the number of liens and deeds has doubled or tripled, in some cases resulting in the best deals I’ve seen in years.

Let me make this easy.

You will not pay anything close to my mentoring fee for 12 months, which is $4997 or even 1/2 of that amount.

Now, why would you pay for Premium Support?

It boils down to this: Anyone can read a book on tax lien investing or listen to a poorly made YouTube video BUT…

What you really need is help on
tax sale lists
each month.

Together we will look at the lists, screen them to a manageable level, get rid of problem liens or deeds and pick out the gems. I will not compete with you on any list that we go through together. I promise.

This is the essence of the Premium Service and I look forward to working with you.

Sign Up and receive your FREE Rogue Investor Collection eBook!

Here is a small sample of the incredible amount of information included in Rogue Tax Sale Investor, just one of the three books in this Collection:

  • A detailed description of the tax lien/tax deed investing process
  • Tax lien/tax deed investing methods, techniques and tips  
  • Tax sale procedures and rates of return for every state 
  • Links to county websites that sells tax liens and tax deeds
  • Auction dates and procedures for every state
  • Sale dates and procedures for every Canadian Province that sells tax deeds 
  • Detailed information on specific tax sale procedures in the 100 most populated counties in the United States
  • A proprietary ranking system so you can decide which states are best for investing
  • The states that offer the highest potential for property ownership 
  • A practical field guide to purchasing tax liens and tax deeds that takes you through every step of the process, including:
  1. How you can find properties in any situation from the information included on tax sales lists
  2. How you can easily research outstanding liens, titles and other legal issues at the court house
  3. How you can quickly determine the value of any property
  4. Tips for how you should bid at the auction  
  • Frequently asked tax lien questions and answers
  • How to avoid potential problems.  I don't just tell you the hype, I tell you the truth!
The Collection includes the Rogue Real Estate Investor and Rogue REIT Investor ebooks. AND, you will receive free upgrades to this ebook for 3 years!

Sign up today!

Special Price Just for You: Only $177
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That's only $7/month with full support.

This special price won't last forever!

To order by phone, call us at 913-777-9779. 

All the best,

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Michael Williams

In addition to everything else, you also get our
No Hassle Guarantee.

When you order, you will not be hit up for any other offers, period! 

You will not be asked once, twice, even seven times to buy other products. 

Your investment in this program is protected by a money back guarantee.

P.S. You can read and think about it or take action and start investing online.

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