Stock Investing Definitions
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Aggressive growth fund Estate Price
Annual Report Estate tax Price earnings ratio
Annuity Equity Investing Principal
Asset Face value Prospectus
Asset Allocation Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FDIC PSA prepayment speed
Asset Allocation Fund Fixed Annuity Ratings
Asset classes Fluctuation Real Estate Investment Trust REIT
Automatic Investment Plan Full Service Broker Real Time Quotes
Automatic Reinvestment Growth Fund Reciprocal Immunity
Balanced Fund Growth and income fund Registered owner
Bear Market Guaranteed Investment Contract GIC Return
Before Pre Tax Dollars Income Risk
Beta Income fund Risk tolerance
Blue Chip Stock Index Safekeeping
Bond Index Fund Safety of principal
Bond Fund Individual Retirement Account IRA Sales Charge
Bond market Issuer SIMPLE Plans
Broker Interest Rate Risk Secondary market
Bull Market Investment Clubs Securities
Buy and Hold Investment Grade Bond Securities and Exchange Commission SEC
Capital gain or loss Investment Objective Securities Investor Protection Corporation SIPC
Capital Gains Distribution Keogh Plan Serial notes
Capitalization Limit Order Simplified Employee Pension SEP
Central Registration Depository CRD Liquidity Single issuer pool
Certificate of Deposit CD Load SMMEA
Churning Management Fee SMMEA securities
Class A Shares Marginal Tax Rate Specialty fund
Class B Shares Market Order Standard and Poors 500 Index
Class C Shares Market Value Stock
Closed End Fund Maturity Stock market
Commission Microcap Stock Stock split
Commodities Money market funds Substandard Grade Junk Bond
Common Stock Moodys Investors Service Tax Deferral
Composite Indices Mutual fund Tax exempt bonds
Compounding NASDAQ Total return
Convertible Securities Net asset value Transfer agent
Core Holding Net Worth Treasuries
Corporate Bonds No Load Unit Investment Trust UIT
Coupon rate Open End Fund US Treasury Securities
Cumulative total return option Value Stock
Direct Purchase Plans DPPs Original issue discount Variable Annuity
Discount Original face Volatility
Discount Broker Over the counter market Wilshire 5000 equity index
Diversification Par Yield
Dividend Paying agent Zero Coupon Bonds
Dividend Reinvestment Plans DRIPs Penny Stocks 12b1 Fee
Dollar Cost Averaging Portfolio 401k Plan
Dow Jones Industrial Average Preferred Stock 403b Plan
EDGAR Electronic Data Gathering Analysis and Retrieval Premium