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Testimonials from our
San Bernardino Tax Sale Seminar
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Great course, incredible information. Lots of meaty detail. Very beneficial. Emphasized the importance of visually inspecting properties.

- Jay Jolly

I felt like I was getting the best expert opinion on tax liens and deeds.

- Victor De La Fuente

Great info... "you do eat your own cooking." Simply Amazing.

- Kent Dorsey

Great and much, much more than other courses offer.

- Tracy Williams

Excellent. Honest. I'm satisfied with this seminar 100%.

- Gladys Herring

Very knowledgeable, very applaudable, extremely helpful and patient. Incredible perspective. Delivered more than I expected.

- Gloria Monteros

Excellent - felt I got a comprehensive tool kit along with new motivation.

- Sharon Smith

This was an excellent course, with the info I received I feel I will be able to make a good purchase at an auction.

- Elna de Klerk

You both are very personable and your course is very easy to understand. Your materials are very detailed - yet easy to understand.

This is incredible, we were so excited about this topic and the delivery was much more than we imagined! Thank You!

The book and cd and notebook are great, as we can easily review! This is great!

- Christine Dougherty

1 - 10 testimonials