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Dear investors and entrepreneurs,

Michael Williams

I am proud of the accomplishments that I have made in business, real estate and investing. It has really taken me from just thinking about financial freedom to actually experiencing it. Real estate investing has and will always be one of the safest and surest strategies to wealth. Even in a down market, there is always a niche in real estate that makes sense.

My goal has always been helping others, maintaining freedom from corporate life and striving for a larger cause. As an environmental professional with degrees in Geology and Environmental Science, I am honored to have worked on some of the largest hazardous waste sites in the United States. As an investor, I am intrigued with government foreclosures and tax lien certificates. Finally, as an educator, I love to write and teach about what I have learned and help others in the business.

I remember starting my investing career by simply purchasing my own home with no money down, taking advantage of government programs and the ability to borrow against a 401(k) at work. Believe me, this wasn't so I could tell a good story later. It was out of necessity. I had a new baby, college loans and lots of credit card debt.

Although I was busy traveling at work, I couldn't help but read more and more about investing and starting my own business. Some of my favorite influences were Robert Allen, Carleton Sheets and Charles Givens.

This lead me to purchase my first Veteran's Administration (VA) foreclosure and dive right into the world of real estate investing. Not too much later, I stumbled into tax lien investing, which became a fascination.

Every day I learn new lessons that I pass along through newsletters, workshops and updates of my book. I am still active in real estate through foreclosures, tax lien certificates, rental property management and development.

I hope I can work with you soon and help you in some small way.

Rogue Real Estate Investor Collection BookWishing you the best in life,


Michael Williams

P.S. Please enjoy our website and the information presented in my real estate and tax lien investing book, newsletter and and online course.


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