Alternatives to Mutual Fund Investing - Tax Liens

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Vanguard Mutual Funds List

This table provides a compilation of the largest Vanguard Mutual funds by total market cap.  As an example, the Vanguard 500 Index has a total market value of approximately 60 billion dollars and the Vanguard Short Term Corp Mutual Fund has a total market value of less than five billion dollars.


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Vanguard 500 Index Vanguard GNMA Adm
Vanguard GNMA Vanguard U.S. Growth
Vanguard Institutional Index Vanguard Total Stock Mkt Idx Adm
Vanguard Wellington Vanguard International Growth
Vanguard Windsor II Vanguard Total Stock Mkt Idx Instl
Vanguard Total Bond Market Index Vanguard Interm-Term Tax-Ex Adm
Vanguard Total Stock Mkt Idx Vanguard Growth & Income
Vanguard Primecap Vanguard European Stock Index
Vanguard Health Care Vanguard LifeStrategy Moderate Growth
Vanguard 500 Index Adm Vanguard Long-Term Corporate Bond
Vanguard Windsor Vanguard Explorer
Vanguard Short-Term Corp Vanguard Inflation-Protected Secs
Vanguard Institutional Index Instl Pl Vanguard LifeStrategy Growth
Vanguard Wellesley Income Vanguard Capital Opportunity
Vanguard STAR Vanguard Total Intl Stock Index
Vanguard Interm-Term Tax-Ex Vanguard Balanced Index
Vanguard High-Yield Corporate Vanguard Small Cap Index
Vanguard Asset Allocation Vanguard Short-Term Corp Adm
Vanguard Growth Index
Vanguard Total Bond Market Index Inst