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1838 Bond Fund Foxby Corp Muniyield PA Insured Fund
1st Trust 4 Corners Sr Float Franklin Capital Corp Muniyield Quality
40 86 Strategic Income Fund Franklin Multi Incm Muniyield Quality II
Aberdeen Asia-Pacific Franklin Resources Muni Intermed Duration Fd
Aberdeen Australia Equity Fd Franklin Templeton Duration Muni NY Intermed Dur Fd Inc
Aberdeen Global Income Franklin Universal MVC Capital Inc
ACM Govt Opp Fd Friedman Billings Ramsey Group Inc NASDAQ 100 Trust Series I
ACM Income Fund Inc Gabelli Asset Management Inc Nelnet Inc
ACM Managed DIF Gabelli Convrtbl & Income Neuberger Berman CA Intm Mun
ACM Managed Inc Gabelli Dividend & Income Tr Neuberger Berman Incm Oppty
ACM Municipal Sec Gabelli Equity Trust Neuberger Berman Interm Muni
Adams Express Company Gabelli Global Multi Neuberger Berman NY Interm
Advanta Corp Gabelli Utility Trust Neuberger Berman Re Est Incm
Advanta Cp Cl A General Amer Inves Neuberger Berm Div Adv Fd
Advent Claymore cv SandI Fund Germany Fund Inc New America High
AEW Real Estate Income Fund Germany New Fund New Ireland Fund Inc
Affiliated Managers Group Inc Gladstone Capital Corporation New Valley Corp
AFP Provida SA (ADR) Global High Incme NGP Capital Resources Comp
AG Edwards Inc Global Income Fd Nicholas Financial Inc
Alliance All Market Greater China Fund Nissin Co Ltd (ADR)
Alliance California Muncpl Greenhill & Co Inc Nomura Holdings Inc (ADR)
Alliance Capital Management Holding LP HandQ Healthcare Investors North European Oil Royalty
Alliance National Municipal HandQ Life Sciences Investors Nuveen Ariz Divid Adv FD
Alliance New York Municipal Harris & Harris GroupInc Nuveen AZ Div Advtg Muni 2
Alliance World Dol Hartford Income Shares Inc Nuveen AZ Div Adv Muni Fd 3
Alliance Wrld DGF2 Hatteras Incme Sec Nuveen AZ Prem
Allied Capital Corp Herzfeld Caribbean Nuveen California Municipal Value Fund
Allmerica Secur Tr High Income Oppor Nuveen CA Div Advtg Fd 2
American Capital Strategies Ltd High Yield Income Fund Nuveen CA Div Advtg Muni Fd
American Express Company High Yield Plus Fund Inc Nuveen CA Dv Advtg Muni Fd 3
American Income Fund Inc Hugoton Royalty Trust Nuveen CA Muncpl
American Physicians Service Group Inc Hyperion 05 Inv Gr Nuveen CA Prem
American Strat Ic2 Hyperion Strategic Mortg Fd Nuveen CT Advtg Muni II
American Strat Ic3 Hyperion Total Ret Nuveen CT Div Advtg Muni Fd
American Strtgc Income Prtfl India Fund Nuveen CT Div Adv Muni III
AmeriCredit Corp Indonesia Fund Nuveen Div Advtg Muni Fd
Ameritrade Holding Corp ING Clarion Gl Rl Est Inc Fd Nuveen Div Advtg Muni Fd 2
Ameritrans Capital Corporation ING Clarion Real Estate fd Nuveen Div Advtg Muni Fd 3
Ampal-American Israel Corporation Intermediate Muni Fund Inc Nuveen Dvrsfd Divd & Income
AMVESCAP PLC (ADR) International Assets Holding Corporation Nuveen Floating Rate Inc Fd
Anthracite Capital Inc Internet Archtr Hldrs Trust Nuveen Fltg Rt Income Opp Fd
Apex Municipal Fd Internet Infrstr HOLDRS Tr Nuveen GA Div Advtg Muni Fd
Apollo Investment Corp Intersections Inc Nuveen GA Div Advtg Muni II
Ares Capital Corp Investment Technology Group Nuveen GA PIMF
ASA (Bermuda) Limited Investors Capital Holding Nuveen ICPIMF 2
Asia Pacific Fund Investors Financial Services Corp Nuveen Insured FL Tx Fr Adv
Asia Tigers Fund Inc iShares DJ Trnsp Avg Indx Fd Nuveen Ins CA Dv Advtg Muni
Asset Acceptance Capital Corp iShares Dow Jones US Basic Materials Nuveen Ins CA Tx-Fr Adv Muni
Asta Funding Inc iShares Dow Jones US Consumer Cyclical Nuveen Ins Div Advtg Muni
B2B Internet HOLDRs Trust iShares Dow Jones US Financial Sector Nuveen Ins MA Tx-Fr Adv Muni
Bancroft Convertible Fund iShares Dow Jones US Financial Services Nuveen Ins NY Dv Advtg Muni
Biotech HOLDRs Tr Merr Lynch iShares Dow Jones US Healthcare Nuveen Ins NY Tx-Fr Adv Muni
BKF Capital Group Inc iShares Dow Jones US Industrial Nuveen Ins Tx Fr Muni Adv Fd
Blackrock 2009 iShares Dow Jones US Non-Consumer Cyclical Nuveen Investments Inc
Blackrock Advantge iShares Dow Jones US Real Estate Nuveen Mass Div Advtg Muni
Blackrock CA 2008 iShares Dow Jones US Telecommunications Nuveen MD Div Advtg Muni 2
Blackrock CA Ins Muni Income iShares Dow Jones US Total Market Nuveen MD Div Advtg Muni 3
BlackRock CA Invst iShares Dow Jones US Utilities Nuveen MD Div Advtg Muni Fd
Blackrock CA Muni 2018 Tm Tr iShares FTSE Xinhua China 25 Nuveen MI Div Advtg Muni Fd
Blackrock CA Muni Bond Trust iShares Lehman 7-10 Year Treasury Bond Fund Nuveen MO PIMF
BlackRock CA Muni Incm Tr II iShares Lehman US Aggreg Bd Nuveen Muni Hi Income Oppty
Blackrock CA Muni Income Tr iShares MCSI S Africa Index Nuveen NC Div Adtg Muni II
Blackrock Core Bond Trust iShares MSCI-Australia Nuveen NC Div Advtg Muni Fd
BlackRock Dividend Achvrs Tr iShares MSCI-Austria Nuveen NC Dv Advtg Muni III
Blackrock Fl 2008 iShares MSCI-Belgium Nuveen NJ Div Advntg Muni 2
Blackrock FL Ins Muni Income iShares MSCI-Brazil Nuveen NJ Div Advtg Fd
Blackrock FL Invst iShares MSCI-Canada Nuveen NY Div Advtg Fd 2
BlackRock FL Muni 2020 Term iShares MSCI-EMU Nuveen NY Div Advtg Muni Fd
Blackrock FL Muni Bond Trust iShares MSCI-France Nuveen OH Div Advtg Fd
Blackrock FL Muni Inc Trust iShares MSCI-Germany Nuveen OH Div Advtg Muni 3
Blackrock Gl Fl Rt Inc Tr iShares MSCI-Hong Kong Nuveen OH Dv Advtg Muni Fd 2
Blackrock High Yield Trust iShares MSCI-Italy Nuveen PA Div Advtg Fd
Blackrock IM 2008 iShares MSCI-Japan Nuveen PA Div Advtg Muni 2
BlackRock Inc iShares MSCI-Malaysia Nuveen Pf & Conv Income Fund
Blackrock Income Opp iShares MSCI-Mexico Nuveen Prefd & CV Incm Fd 2
BlackRock Income Trust iShares MSCI-South Korea Nuveen Quality Prfd Incm III
Blackrock Insured Muni Incom iShares MSCI-Taiwan Nuveen Qual PF Income Fd 2
Blackrock Ins Mun iShares MSCI Emrg Mkt Income Nuveen Qual PF Income Fund
Blackrock Inv QMT iShares MSCI Pacific Ex-Japan Nuveen Real Estate Fd
BlackRock Ltd Dur Income Tr iShares Netherlands Index Fd Nuveen Tax Advant Total
Blackrock MD Muni Bond Trust iShares Russell 1000 Growth Nuveen VA Div Advtg Muni Fd
Blackrock Municipal Bond Tr iShares Russell 1000 Value Nuveen VA Div Advtg Muni II
Blackrock Muni 2018 Term Tr iShares Russell 2000 Growth Oil Service HOLDRs Trust
BlackRock Muni 2020 Term Tr iShares Russell 2000 Value Olympic Cascade Financial
Blackrock Muni Income Trust iShares Russell 3000 Growth Onyx Acceptance Corp
BlackRock Muni Income Tr II iShares Russell 3000 Value Oppenheimer Holdings Inc (USA)
Blackrock Mun TTT iShares SandP 1500 Index Fund ORIX Corporation (ADR)
Blackrock NJ Invst Qlty Muni iShares SandP 500 BARRA Value Pacholder High Yield Fund
Blackrock NJ Municipal Bd Tr iShares SandP Europe 350 Index Partners Trust Financial Group Inc
Blackrock NJ Muni Income Tr iShares SandP Global 100 Index Paulson Capital Corp
Blackrock NY 2008 iShares SandP mC400 BARRA GR Permian Basin Royalty Trust
Blackrock NY Insd Muni Incom iShares SandP MC 400 BARRA VL Petroleum & Resource Corporation
Blackrock NY Invst Qlty Muni iShares SandP MidCap 400 Index Pharmaceutical Hldrs Trust
Blackrock NY Muni 2018 Tm Tr iShares SandP SC600 BR Gr Indx Pimco CA Muni Income Fd II
BlackRock NY Muni Bond Trust iShares SandP SmallCap 600 Pimco Municipal Income Fd II
BlackRock NY Muni Incm Tr II iShares SandP SmCp 600 BRR Vl Pimco Municipal Income III
Blackrock NY Muni Inc Tr iShares Singapore Index Fund Pimco New York Income Fd II
BlackRock PA Strategic Trust iShares Spain Index Fund Pimco NY Municipal Income 3
BlackRock Prfd Oppty Trust iShares Sweden Index Fund PIMCO Strategic Global Govt
Blackrock Strategic Bond Tr iShares Switzerland Index Fd Pioneer Int Shrs
BlackRock Strategic Muni Tr iShares Trust DJ US Sector Pioneer Muni Hi Income Trust
Blackrock Strat Div Achvr Tr iShares Trust Goldman Sachs Pioneer Mutual HI Advtg Tr
BlackRock VA Muni Bond Trust ishares trust Russell 1000 Piper Jaffray Companies
BLDRS Asia 50 ADR Index iShares Trust SandP Glbl Hltcr PowerShrs Exch Trad Fd DynMk
BLDRS Developed Mtk 100 iShares Trust SandP Index PowerShrs Exch Trad Fd OTC
BLDRS Emerging Mkt 50 iShares Tr Cohen & Steers Primus Guaranty Ltd
BLDRS Eruope 100 ADR iShares Tr Enrgy Sector Indx Prospect Energy Corporation
Blue Chip Value Fund iShares Tr Gldmn Nat Rscs In Prospect Street Income Shrs
Boulder Growth & Income Fd iShares Tr GS Multimed Ntwkg Providian Financial Corp
Boulder Total Return Fund iShares Tr GS Semiconductor Putnam CA IGMT
Brantley Capital Corp iShares Tr GS Software Index Putnam NY IGMT
Brascan Corporation (USA) iShares Tr GS Tech Index Fd Rand Capital Corporation
Brazilian Equity Fd iShares tr Lehman 1-3 Yr Tr Raymond James Financial
Broadband HOLDRs Tr MerrLyn iShares Tr Lehman 20+yr Tres Reaves Utility Income Fund
Calamos Asset Management Inc iShares Tr Morngstr Mid Core Regional Bank HOLDRs Trust
Calamos Convertible & Hi Income Fund iShares TR MSCI EAFE Indx FD Retail HOLDRs Trust
Calamos cv Opptys & Incm Fd iShares Tr Nasdaq Biotech RMK Advantage Income Fund
Calamos Strat Tot Return Fd iShares Tr NYSE 100 Index FD RMK Strategic Income FD Inc
CapitalSource Inc iShares Tr NYSE Comp Ind Fnd RMR FIRE Fund
Capital One Financial Corp iShares Tr Rssll MidCap Indx RMR Real Estate Fund
Capital Southwest Corp iShares Tr Rssll Midcap Valu Royce Focus Trust Inc
Castle Convertible Fund iShares Tr Russell 2000 Indx Royce Micro-Cap Trust
Central Euro Eqty iShares Tr Russell 3000 Indx Royce Value Trust Inc
Central Fund of Canada (USA) iShares Tr Russell MidCap Gr Rydex ETF Tr Rydex SandP Eq Wt
Central Securities Corp ishares tr SandP 500 BARRA GR Sabine Royalty Trust
Chartwell Div & Inc iShares tr SandP Glbl Energy Salomon Bros Emerging Mkt II
China Fund Inc iShares Tr SandP Glbl Fncl Sct Salomon Bros Emerging Mkt In
CIGNA High Incme iShares Tr SandP Glbl Info Tch Salomon Bros Emerg Mkt Debt
Cigna Investment Securities iShares Tr SandP Glbl Technlg Salomon Bros Glbl Hi Income
CIM High Yield iShares Tr SandP LatAm 40 Indx Salomon Bros HIF
Citigroup GLobal Mkt iShares Tr SandP TOPIX 150 Ind Salomon Bros Muni Partner fd
CIT Group Inc iShares United Kingdom Indx Salomon Bros Muni Partner II
Clough Global Allocation Fd iStar Financial Inc Salomon Brothers High Income
Cohen & Steers Inc Janus Capital Group Inc Salomon Emerging Mkt Float
Cohen & Steers Select Ut Fd Japan Equity Fund Sal Bros Glbl Prtnrs Income
Collegiate Funding Services Inc Japan Smaller Capitalization Sanders Morris Harris Grp
Colonial CA Insured Muni Fd JB Oxford Holdings Inc SandP 500 Protected Equity Fd
Colonial High Incm Jefferies Group Inc SandP Geared Fund Inc
Colonial Insured Muni Fund JF China Region Fund Santa Fe Energy Trust
Colonial Intermarket John Hancock Bnk & Thrift San Juan Basin Royalty Trust
Colonial Inter High John Hancock Financial Trend Scudder Glbl High
Colonial Investment John Hancock Income Secs TR Scudder High Income Trust
Colonial Muni Incm John Hancock Investors Tr Scudder Intermediate Govt Tr
Colonial NY Insured Muni Fd John Hancock Pfd Equity Incm Scudder Municipal Income Tr
CompuCredit Corporation John Hancock Pfd Income II Scudder New
Consumer Portfolio Services Inc John Hancock Pfd Income III Scudder RREEF Real Estate Fd
Cornerstone Strategic Value John Hancock Pt Glbl Div Scudder RREEF Real Estate II
Cornerstone Total Return Fd John Hancock Select Div Tr Scudder Strategic Income Tr
Corporate High Yield Fd III John Hnck Tax-Adv Div Inc Fd Scudder Strtgc Muni Incom Tr
Corporate High Yield Fd VI Kayne Anderson MLP Inv Co Semiconductor HLDRs Tr ML
Corporate High Yield Fund V Kent Financial Services Senoir High IP
Corporate High Yld Kirlin Holding Corp Siebert Financial Corp
Credit Acceptance Corp Knight Trading Group Inc Singapore Fund
Credit Suisse AM Inc Fund Korea Equity Fund SLM Corporation
Credit Suisse Group (ADR) Korea Fund Inc Software HOLDRs Trust 2040
Credit Suisse High Yld Fd LaBranche & Co Inc Source Capital Inc
Cross Timbers Royalty Trust Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Services Spain Fund
CVF Technologies Corporation Latin America Equity Fund SPDR cnsmr discr sel sect
Debt Strategies Fund Inc New Latin Amer Discovry SPDR Consmr Stpls Sector
Delaware Inv AZ Muni Incm Fd Legg Mason Inc SPDR Energy Sector
Delaware Inv CO Ins MuniIncm Lehman Bros 1st Incm Oppty SPDR Financial Sector
Delaware Inv Div & Inc Fd Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc SPDR Industrial Sector
Delaware Inv FL Ins Muni Inc Liberty All-Star Eqt SPDR Materials Select Sector
Delaware Inv Global DivandInc Liberty All-Star Grw SPDR Select Sector Health
Delaware Inv MN Muni IncmIII Lincoln National Cv Secs Fd SPDR Technology Sector
Delaware Inv MN Muni Incm II Lincoln Natl lncome SPDR Utilities Select
Delaware Inv MN Muni Income LLandE Royalty Trust StandandPoors Dep Rcpt UBI
Diamonds Trust MACC Private Equities Inc Standrd Poor Mdcp 400 SPDR
Diamond Hill Investment Madison Claymore Cvrd Cl Fd Sterling Capital Corp
DNP Select Income Fund Inc Malaysia Fund Inc Stifel Financial Corp
Dominion Resources Black Warrior Trust Managed High Icm Strategic Global
Dreman Claymore Dividend Managed Muni Port StreetTracks DJ Euro Stoxx50
Dreyfus CA Municipal Income Inc Manage High Yield streetTRACKS DJ STOXX 50
Dreyfus High Yield Marine Petroleum Trust streetTRACKS Dow Jones Global Titans 50 Index
Dreyfus Municipal Income MarketAxess Holdings Inc streetTRACKS Dow Jones US LargeCap Growth
Dreyfus NY Municipal Income Massachusetts HandE streetTRACKS Dow Jones US LargeCap Value
Dreyfus Strategic Muni MassMutual Cp Inv streetTRACKS Dow Jones US SmallCap Growth
Dreyfus Strategic Municipal Bond Fund MassMutual Partcpt streetTRACKS Dow Jones US SmallCap Value
DTF Tax-Free Income Maxcor Financial Group streetTRACKS Fortune 500 Idx
DuffandPhelps Utility MBIA Cap Cl Mgd Dur Inv Gr streetTRACKS MS High Tech 35
Eastern American Natural Gas Trust MCG Capital Corp StreetTRACKS Wilshire REIT
Eaton Vance CA Muni Incm Tr Medallion Financial Corp Swiss Helvetia Fund The
Eaton Vance Corp Merrill Lynch & Co Inc SWS Group Inc
Eaton Vance FL Muni Incm Tr Merr Lynch Mrkt 2000+ HOLDRs Synthe Fxd Incm STRATS BELLS
Eaton Vance Insd Muni Bond 2 Merr Lyn Internet HOLDRs Tr Taiwan Fund
Eaton Vance Insd NY Muni Bd2 Merr Lyn MIITS SandP 500 2010 Taiwan Greater China Fund
Eaton Vance Insd PA Muni Bd Mesabi Trust TCW Conv Sec
Eaton Vance Insrd CA Muni 2 Mesa Royalty Trust Technology Investment Capital Corp
Eaton Vance Insured Muni Bnd Metris Companies Inc Telecom HOLDRs Tr 12 31 40
Eaton Vance Insur CA Muni Bd Mexico EquityandIcm Tel Offshore Trust
Eaton Vance Ins FL Muni Bond Mexico Fund Inc Templeton Drag
Eaton Vance Ins MA Muni MFC Bancorp Ltd Templeton Emerging Markets
Eaton Vance Ins MI Muni Bond MFS Charter Incme Templeton Emerging Markets Income Fund
Eaton Vance Ins NJ Muni Bd MFS Govt Mkt Icm Templeton Global Income Fund
Eaton Vance Ins NY Muni Bd MFS Intermediate Templeton Russia
Eaton Vance Ins OH Muni Bond MFS Multimarket Texas Pacific Land Trust
Eaton Vance Ltd Duration MFS Municipal Icm Thai Capital Fund
Eaton Vance MA Muni Incm Tr MFS Special Value Thai Fund
Eaton Vance MI Muni Incm Tr MicroFinancial Incorporated The Bear Stearns Companies Inc
Eaton Vance Muni Income Tr Minnesota Mun Icm The Brazil Fund
Eaton Vance NJ Muni Incm Tr Montgomery St Icm The Charles Schwab Corp
Eaton Vance NY Muni Incm Tr Morgan Stanley The Chile Fund Inc
Eaton Vance OH Muni Incm Tr Morgan Stanley DW Gov't The Enstar Group Inc
Eaton Vance PA Muni Incm Tr Morgan Stanley East Euro The Equity Investor Fund
Eaton Vance Senior Flt-Rte Fd Morgan Stan Asia Pacific Fd The First Marblehead Corporation
Eaton Vance Sr Tr Morgan Stan Emrg Mkt Debt The Goldman Sachs Group Inc
Eaton Vance Tax Advan Morgan Stan Emrg Mkt Fd The Student Loan Corp
Eaton Vance Tax Adv Div Fund Morgan Stan Global Opp Bd Torch Energy Royalty Trust
Eaton Vance Tax Adv Gl Div Morgan Stan High Yield Fd Tortoise Energy Infrast Corp
Education Lending Group Inc Morgan Stan India Inv Fd TradeStation Group Inc
Ellsworth Convertible Growth & Income Morgan StDW Income Sec Turkish Invst
Emerging Market Telecomm Fd MSDW CA Ins Muni Income Tr Tuxis Corporation
Empire Financial Holding Company MSDW CA Qlty Muni Securities T Rowe Price Group Inc
Encore Capital Group Inc MSDW Insured CA Muni Securts US Global Investors
Energy Income & Growth Fd MSDW Insured Municipal Trust Utilities HOLDRs Trust
Enerplus Resources Fund (USA) MSDW Insured Muni Bond Trust Value Line Inc
Engex Inc MSDW Insured Muni Inc Trust Vangaurd Cnsmr Staples VIPER
ePlus inc MSDW Insured Muni Securities Vanguard Cnsmr Discre VIPERs
Equitex Inc MSDW NY Quality Muni Sec Vanguard Extended Market VIPERs
Equus II Incorporated MSDW Quality Municipal Sec Vanguard Financial VIPERS
eSpeed Inc MSDW Quality Muni Inc Trust Vanguard Growth VIPERS
Europe 2001 HOLDRs Trust ML MSDW Quality Muni Invst Tr Vanguard Health Care Vipers
Europe Fund Inc MS BRIDGES Russell 2000 Vanguard I T VIPERS
Evergreen Income Advantage Muniassets Fund Vanguard Large Cap VIPERS
Evergreen Managed Income Fd Municipal Advantag Vanguard Materials VIPERS
E TRADE FINANCIAL Corp Municipal High Icm Vanguard Mid Cap VIPERS
Falcon Financial Investment Trust Municipal Mortgage & Equity LLC Vanguard Small Cap Gr VIPERS
Fannie Mae Munienhanced Fund Vanguard Small Cap Val VIPER
Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp Muniholdings CA Insured II Vanguard Small Cap VIPERS
Federal Agriculture Mtg CL A Muniholdings FL Insured Fd Vanguard Total Stock Market VIPERs
Federated Investors Inc Muniholdings Fnd II Vanguard Utilities VIPERS
Federated Prmr Intermed Muni Muniholdings Fund Vanguard Value VIPERS
Federated Prmr Muni Income Muniholdings Insurd Van der Moolen Holdings NV (ADR)
Fidelity NASD Comp Index Fd Muniholdings Ins Fund II Inc Van Kamp AMIT2
Financial Federal Corp Muniholdings NJ In Van Kamp Am Cap
FirstTrust Value Ln andIbbott MuniHoldings NY In Van Kamp Am Ma
First Albany Companies Inc Munivest Fund II Van Kamp Am Oh
First Amer MN Muni Income II Munivest Fund Inc Van Kam Am Sel
First Financial Fund Inc Muniyield Arizona Vestaur Securities Fund
First Investors Financial Muniyield CA Fund Waddell & Reed Financial
First Israel Fnd Inc Muniyield CA Insured Fund Waterside Capital Corp
First State Financial Corporation Muniyield FL Fund WebFinancial Corporation
First Trust Value Line Muniyield Fl Insur Westaim Corp (USA)
First Trust Value Line Div Muniyield Fund Inc Westwood Holdings Group Inc
First Tr Fiduciary Asset Man Muniyield Insured WFS Financial Inc
Flaherty & CrumClay Ttl Rtrn Muniyield Michigan Ins Fd II Williams Coal Seam Gas Royalty Trust
Floating Rate Income Strgs Muniyield MI Insurd Wireless HOLDRs Tr ML 2040
Floating Rt Inc Strat Fd II Muniyield NJ Fund World Acceptance Corp
Fog Cutter Capital Group Muniyield NJ Insurd WP Stewart & Co Ltd
Fort Dearborn Income Secs Muniyield NY Insur Z-Seven Fund Inc The


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