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A right to use or access real estate by another entity.  Utility companies usually have easements granted by the city.  They have the right to access your property to repair or replace a utility.  Roads that border your property also have an easement so they can expand the road if they need to without having to pay you or go through legal channels to gain access to your property.

Natural gas pipelines and other commercial interests can also have an easement on your property.  For example, if a natural gas pipeline wants to expand, they can tear up your property to the boundaries of the easement without your permission.  

When you are looking at buying a property, check for easements on the property and factor the amount of land that is under easement when determining the purchase price.  Properties with a lot of already existing easements are usually worth less than properties with few easements, all other things being equal.

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Real Estate Investing is probably one the safest ways to make a fortune.  With little or no money upfront, a real estate investor can often purchase foreclosed properties and make a profit by renting or selling them.  Some of wealthiest people in the world created their fortune by investing in real estate.  The Rogue Real Estate Investor Collection gives you the advantage you will need to succeed in the real estate market.  It contains comprehensive information on:

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  • Tax liens

  • REITs

  • Rental Property Management

Unlike other real estate investing products, The Rogue Real Estate Investing Collection provides email support by the author so you can ask questions and get the help you will need to make sound investing decisions.  Click here to find out more about Rogue Real Estate Investor.

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