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123Jump: A one-stop source for content relating to the global financial markets.
Stock market, futures, my daily tools.

AAA Investment Guide  

Alpha Commodities Inc.: Commodity brokerage firm offering online trading.

American Association of Individual Investors: Education in the area of stock investing, mutual funds, portfolio management, and retirement planning.  

American Stock Exchange: Equities, options and ETFs. 
Ameritrade Advanced Analyzer: Easy-to-use stock screening, charting and Web research application for novice and advanced investors.

Ameritrade Education Center: Guide to online investing.  
Angel Investor Magazine: Ideas and insights for far-sighted investors.

Armchair Millionaire: Get help building a million dollar portfolio.

Australian Securities and Investments Commission: Financial tips and safety checks.  
Avid Investor: Pointing you to the right choice.

Beating The Trend: Online trading system that offers simple guide to profitable online stock trading and options trading system using technical analysis.

Beiley Software:
Offering Fund Manager, an award-winning portfolio management application for the individual investor.  

Bentley Reid & Company
Investment Views  

BigCharts: Investment charting and research site.

Blue House Investing Links: Stocks, day trading, penny stocks, mutual funds, discount brokers, online investing, stock tips, IPOs, and online brokers.  
BNS Investor: A web-based complex of tools for making investment decisions in Estonia and Latvia.

Bondsonline: Your source for fixed income investing.

BUYandHOLD: The online broker for long-term investors.

Calvert Mutual Funds: Leader in socially responsible investing. 

Canadian Investment Review: Canada’s leading investment and finance journal for professional institutional investors.  

CBS MarketWatch: The story behind the numbers.
CDA/Investnet Headlines: Daily news and market activity.  

ClearStation: The intelligent investment community.  
CNET Investor: Bringing investors current headline news concerning the stock market.

CNLBank Online Investing

CNNmoney: Current business news, stock quotes, and local and international investment information. Consumer tips, resources, advocacy, and common-sense advice related to investing.  

Contrarian Investing Association: Beating the market – By betting against the crowd!

Corporate Governance: Enhancing wealth through increased accountability to investors by creating more democratic forms of corporate governance and corporate monitoring.

Cyberhaven: The investor’s library menu.

CyberInvest: The Investor’s Guide to the Net.

David’s Investing Links    
Disclosure-Investor: Providing small business professionals and individual investors with the financial and business information tools needed to succeed.

The Dismal Scientist: Economic analysis and data for the world.

dmoz: Open directory project – investing.  
Doh! – Stock Picks: A totally free site that takes the Homer Simpson out of picking stocks and doing company research on the Internet.
DRIP Investor: The investment newsletter bringing you the latest news on Dividend Reinvestment Plans.
The Economic Times Online Magazine
Earning and Investing:
Information and resources.
EDGAR Online:
The source for today’s Securities and Exchange Commission filings.
ElderNet: Financial planning for senior citizens.  
Electronic Investor Resources Centre – eIRC: The Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong helping investors make informed decisions on the investments in securities and derivatives markets. 
Email Investor: Keeping you up-to-date with all the important news in the world of email investment. Online investing with Northern Financial Corporation in Canada.  

Epsin Stock Charts

Equity Alerts: Receive real-time e-mail alerts on earnings surprises, analyst ratings, insider trading, SEC filings, and much more.

Equity Analytics, Ltd.: Academic quality information on finance, economics and investing.

Ethical Investing: The Internet’s guide to ethical investment resources.
Ethical Investor: Contributing to an improvement in the accountability and performance of companies in Australia.

ExternalHarddrive: Investment resources online. Maverick investing with Doug Fabian – America’s simplest mutual fund investment advisor service for the individual investor wanting 15% to 25% annual growth.  

The Financial Center: Home of Wall Street’s market mavens.  

Financial Services Authority: Regulating the financial services industry in the United Kingdom.

Financial Services Online:  Home, auto, student and personal loans online.

FOLIOfn: Online investing – enjoy the ease of mutual fund investing with the control of trading individual stocks.    
Forum for Investor Advice:
Educating investors about full-service financial advisors, and helping investors work effectively with such professionals.
Fraud Bureau Investor Scam Centre:
Investor fraud and investor scams complaint agency.

FriendlyByte SuperPortal: Links to exchanges, financial news, online trading, resources, quote providers, and more.  
Fundbuster: The mutual fund timing and selection newsletter.

Futures7: futures and commodities trading systems, for day-trading, position trading and longer-term futures and commodity traders
Garp Investor: Free stock reports and investment analysis.
Global Investing: A newsletter for investors seeking to build an international portfolio of stocks and bonds without leaving Wall Street or their regular brokers.  
Global-Investor: Offering an integrated suite of resources to financiers: bookshop, courses and conferences, online education, and financial glossary.

Global Value Investing with Stock Valuation  
Canada’s favorite mutual fund site. Investing directory.  

Haramis Stock Brokers: The Stock Market Guide to Profitable Investments.    
The HedgeHog: The investment guide for the aggressive investor.
Hoover’s Online: The business network.
ICLUBcentral: Serving all the communicative and administrative needs of investment clubs.
Iinvestor: Making every rupee count. Seeking to provide total solutions to personal finance issues – from disseminating information through to providing avenues for e-commerce transactions.
The Independent Analyst's Report: A comprehensive source for timely stock selection, detailed analysis, and market updates.

IndiaMART: India Finance & Investment Guide.  

Institutional Investor Journals: Publishing practitioner-focused journals for institutional investors, portfolio managers and finance professionals worldwide.  
Institutional Investor Online    
The Internet Closed-End Fund Investor: Educating investors about CEFs, and providing useful information in making investment decisions.
Internet Investing Channel

The Internet Stock Report
InvesterTech: Stock technical analysis on-line service. Interactive Java Charts, Stock finder, Market Report, Trading system and much more.
Investing Ezines Directory


Investing Online for Dummies: by Kathleen Sindell.

Investing Online Resource Center: The facts about online investing.  
Investing Places:
Your guide to profitable stock investing sources.

The Investing Site: The ultimate investment directory.  

InvestingSites: A directory of the best investing information.

Investing Systems, Inc.: Providing the sophisticated investor with the resources and tools to formulate and implement a comprehensive investing strategy. Your ultimate source for investment and financial news.

Investment Banking Resources: Providing investment banking news and information for industry professionals. Your investment and financial information source – resources, online trading, capital, and financial products.  

Investment Company Institute Education Foundation: Investing for Success web course.

Investment Company Institute Mutual Fund Connection: Enhancing public understanding of the investment company industry and the policy issues that affect it.  

Investment Enhancing Systems: Providing individual investors with interactive online stock and option analysis.

The Investment FAQ: A collection of Frequently Asked Questions and answers about investments and personal finance – users can type in a question or browse through a list of categories to find their answers.

Investment Models, Inc.: Specializing in stock market timing.  

InvestmentSpy: Investment software tools and resources for novices to advanced investors.  
InvestMove: One stop investment research. 
Investor Arbitration Information:
How securities investors can recover losses due to stock broker fraud and other misconduct.
Investor Canada: Ongoing, up-to-date, expert interpretations of financial information from around the world.

InvestorGuide: The leading online guide to investing.
Investor Home: The home page for investors on the Internet.  
Investor Mall: Investment strategies, technical analysis, Elliott Wave analysis, stock market charts and expert trading systems.

InvestorMap: The financial directory.

InvestorPlace: Serious investors. Expert advice. Real profits.  
Investor Protection Trust: Dedicated to  non-commercial investor education.
Investor Recovery Center: How to get your money when your broker done you wrong.
The Investor Relations Information Network (IRIN): The Web’s most comprehensive site for accessing online annual reports.
Investor Responsibility Research Center – IRRC: Source of information on corporate governance and social responsibility issues affecting investors and corporations worldwide.
Investor’s Advantage: Hot stocks – quarterly listing of 10 stocks generated from modeling over 10,000 publicly traded stocks.
The Investor’s Library
Investor’s Notebook:
A digest of investment opinion from the world’s leading financial advisors.
InvestorWords: Investing glossary.  
John Dessauer’s Investor’s World: Your passport to profits.

Johnson County Library: Investing and personal finance page.

KeepMoney: Investing tips.

Kiplinger: Advice on investing, managing money, and achieving financial security.

Learn Investing: Delivering the most educational online trading experience possible.  
Linn Software: Market analysis software for active investors/traders.

LLY Consulting and Investing: Helping small businesses and individuals.  
Marketuplinks: Investor services links.  

McEwen & Company: New Zealand’s only weekly sharemarket publications.  

Media General Financial Services: Company profile search.

Michael Murphy’s Biotech Investing: Profiting from biotechnology breakthroughs.

Michael Murphy’s Technology Investing Online  
Australia’s trusted source for personal finance. 

Moolera: Investing resources for beginners. Independent help for successful investing.

The Motley Fool: A comprehensive investment resource for small investors with the goal to educate and amuse the individual investor. Helping today’s woman plan for tomorrow.

MSN Investor: Investing.  
Mutual Fund Investor’s Center: Resource for investors who want to use mutual funds to reach their financial goals.

Personal trainer for life – investing.  

Nasdaq Stock Market  

National Association of Investors Corporation: Investment education for individuals and clubs since 1951.  
National Association of Securities Dealers Regulation (NASDR): Providing education and regulatory support to investors.

Natural Investing: Making financial choices that are aligned with your personal values.

NCBuy Investing
The Net Investor: Secure, online trading service.
The New Online Investor: Articles archive, bookshop, information on bonds and hedge funds.

Next Chapter Investment Management: A specialist private equity management firm for individual investors. We operate a small, yet focused portfolio dealing in the United States securities markets.

Next Wave Stocks: Intellectual capital for the technology investor.  
nineMSN: Investing information.
OEX Trader: Free stock picks, market timing.  
Oil and Gas Investor: Complete source for information about the financial world of oil and gas.

Oingo: Investing directory.  
Online Investor: The online investing resource guide.
Online Investor Complaint Center: The original resource guide for the dissatisfied online investor.

OPUSLAW: Understanding investment strategy.  
Outstanding Investor Digest: Bringing you the most important ideas and insights of those money managers with the best long-term records in the business.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA): Cruelty-free investing.  
Polish Investor: Investment guide for Polish Americans.

Power Investing with DRIPs: Dividend Reinvestment Programs.  
Preview Stock
One-stop for great stock picks, ideas for the value investor, market analysis, Internet stocks and IPOs, Asian ADRs, free newsletter and more.

QAWire: Improving communication between companies and investors. You ask – companies answer.

Quicken: The fastest, easiest way to manage your finances online.  
Quote: Powered by Lycos, Quote offers the latest news and headlines, stock information, options, funds, markets, IPOs, live interactive charts, and community discussion boards. 

Rapid Fire Swing Trading: Learn a trader's secret to market entry and exit. 

Red Herring: Magazine providing insider information for entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, investment bankers and senior executives redefining the new technology-driven world of business.  
REIdepot: Resources for real estate investors.  
Report on Business Magazine: Third Annual Value Investing Guide.
Reuter’s Moneynet
The finance source.

Richard Band’s Profitable Investing Online: Your guide to financial success.

Rocky Mountain Humane Investing: Financially empowering humane and environmental investors since 1995.  

Sarasin UK Investment Management: Leaders in global thematic investing.  

Sci-Invest: Where stock trading is made scientific.  

SEC NASD Securities Law Information Center:  A non-profit site that helps investors understand laws and regulations governing stockbrokers and their relationship with investors.  Explains the securities arbitration process.  
SecuritiesLaw: Securities Fraud and Investor Protection Resource Center
Signal Investor: A prognosis technical trading web site. Information and opinion about trading Nasdaq and the high tech stocks.
Silicon Investor: Smart investors gather here.

SiliconValley: The definitive online source for news about tech investing.  
Silver-Investor: Focusing on investing in silver and other precious metals.

Site-By-Site!: The international investment portal and research center.  
Smart Money Magazine
Soccer Investor:
Providing information about the business of football in Europe, and supporting investment in football by institutions and fans. Socially responsible investing information concerning corporations, mutual funds, and more.

Social Investment Forum: Promoting the concept, practice and growth of socially responsible investing.  

Sound Investing with Paul Merriman  

Sound Mind Investing: Unbiased investing advice from a biblical perspective. 
Space Investor: Online magazine dedicated to both the space business professional and anyone with an interest in the space investment and business community.

Split Predict Technologies: Stock splits…before they occur.  
S&P Personal Wealth: World’s most comprehensive Internet-based personal investment site.

SquirrelYourNutsOffshore: Offshore investing.  

Standard & Poor’s  
State of Missouri, Securities Division: 101 questions to ask before investing.
Empowering investors.
StockIceMan: Interactive stock site with a stock tournament, message board, and regularly updated stock picks.
Stock Market Yellow Pages:
a list of exclusively public companies with a particular word or phrase in their description. 

Stock Research Center: Your one-stop source for emerging company reports and real time market data.  
Streetlink Investor Information Center: Get financial reports, news worthy items, corporate profiles and annual reports shared by corporations.
Superstar Investor: A comprehensive guide to online investing information.

TechInvestor: Tech news.  
Tech Stock Investor: Top 10 and Top 50 Stock Picks. At starting point for identifying successful companies to invest in.

TeenAnalyst: Every young investor’s guide to the stock market.

Tom Becker On-Line: Buying coins for profit.

T. Rowe Price: Invest with confidence. The Wall Street Transcript online.  

UK Online Investing: Special interest portal for high net worth individuals, sophisticated investors, and others with an interest in shares listed on the London Stock Exchange.

UoutPerform: Investing tools for investors looking to excel.  

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission: Investor information. Current information on stocks and mutual funds.

The Vanguard Group: Education, planning and advice - practical information about mutual fund investing and personal finance.
Vcall: Compelling investor information and analysis.

ViWes InvestInfo: Short interest on NASDAQ/AMEX stocks.

Walkrich Value Watch: Free weekly fundamental neural network valuations of common stocks.   
Wall Street City: Offering the latest investing headlines and news; areas to research stocks, options, funds and bonds; and more. (WSC)
Providing convenient, free access to all the important investment information on the Internet.

Wall Street Online: For the Wall Street online investor. 

Wall Street Research Net: Internet investing network.  
The Weekly Investor: Link directory, and investing news and information.

Weidner Investments: Socially responsible investment advisor.

Wilmington Trust: Personal learning center on investing.

Winning Investing: The Home of Basic Training

Women’s Financial Network at Siebert: Where smart women invest.  

World Wide Financial Network: Advisor stock option investing resources. The Wall Street Journal – investing online.

Yahoo! Finance: Access the latest market reports, get quotes, read news and editorials, find out what is happening in  international markets, research your stocks, funds, and bonds.
Young Investor: Get the scoop on investing. Equity research center, portfolio tracking and investment advice.
ZDNet India: Inter@ctive Investor


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